Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's O-week and the univeristy clubs are setting up booths and tents in the campus centre to lure unsuspecting newbies to join their cult/organisation/society. I happen to be a proud promoter of the wushu club! It's a chinese martial art that does not focus much on sparring (which is good for me) but focuses instead on self-development and we get to learn to use different weapons and routines. I've been training since my first year in Australia and I still love every minute of it. It's mostly thanks to great people in the club and we have an awesome instructor! Muahahahahaha! The people at the club happen to be very photogenic too. Which means I have plenty of photos to use as references for sketching =D Here are some of the ones I have drawn.

Steph striking a pose for a performance we did last year at manifest; we had to dress up as japanese high school kids!

Scott in a 2-man performance at Crown, throwing quite a punch!

Billy breathing a sigh of relief after a broadsword performance at Crown

Tony using the 9-section whip *Bounce Bounce Bounce*

Mike performing his long fist routine

Last but not least, Happy belated birthday Scotty!!