Friday, November 5, 2010

It's good to be a glutton in KL and Korea

This post is all about food =) Very image heavy and as previously warned, do not read this post in the middle of the night unless you want a guilt trip.

First off, let's start with the good ol' roti telur with curry, dhal and more curry from Jaffar in Sunway

From top left - down: Assorted local drinks from a cafe selling ikan bakar (grilled fish); soft and fluffy J.Co donuts; classic vanilla cupcake with a rich icing on top, both from Sunway Pyramid

A hang out place suggested by Rinheart - Winter Warmers, hot drinks were served in delicately painted tea cups but I ordered an ice blended green tea. It was nice and cooling on a hot day in Sunway =)

A small stall next to the cinemas in Sunway Pyramid, decent fries with a large choice of dips, love the slogan too!

A popular meal choice for large group gatherings - STEAMBOAT! Top: BBQ plaza and Bottom: Yuen Steamboat (restaurant of choice for the MEMS gang)

Angie knows my love for Jap food, so she brought me to Rakuzen in SS15. Verdict - very decent serving size and the meal was awesssommmmmeee =)

Took a day trip down to Melaka to meet Shi Jia, bought snacks for the trip, very nostalgic as I haven't had them in ages. Thanks for driving Angie!

The must haves when you reach Melaka from top: Chicken rice served in circular rice balls; Assam laksa; ABC with thick gula Melaka syrup *drools*

And now for Korean food! It was an overnight flight so we arrived the next morning hungry for breakfast. Jiman koko got some kimbab (rice balls) stuffed with gochujang pork yum!
Some more food bought from a bus rest stop, little walnut cakes and fish cake skewers

The huge lunch Jiman koko's mum prepared for us with heaps of assorted side dishes, quite an eye candy too! Everything was so presentable.

Market food! The main dish is called Sunde, with sweet potato noodles and pork blood stuffed in pork intestines. Doesn't sound very appealing to most people but it was pretty yummy!

The menu at a large foodcourt. Much like Japan I'm guessing, they have inedible model versions of the meal on display so you could choose which one you like. So realistic you'll be tempted to eat it until you realise it was all plastic :P

My brother and I were also keen in trying the different fastfoods around there from the top:
A sushi roll and sandwich meal box with fried chicken from a supermarket; LOTTERIA~~ Bulgogi burger was small but tasty!; Dumpling ramyun with sides

We also had grilled eel in Yeoso, about 2+ hours drive from Gwangju, best in the area apparently! The top photo is a raw crab side dish, very fresh and juicy. The koreans would get upset if you tried putting the crabs on the grill...

Later in the Korea trip, we went to a small village near Seoul called Seoshin where we had Seafood korean pancake (bottom right) and hand made noodles (top right)... So YUM! Oh, we also went to a beach laden with oysters which we picked off and ate on the spot :P

To finish off, I have some pictures of the food I made for my sis. Been promising her a three course meal for ages now (she requested asian food) and I finally had the chance 2 weeks ago.

Creamy crab soup for entre
Sticky pork ribs and tofu with mixed veges for main
Strawberry soft chesecake for dessert

Boiling the crab to cook the meat and to make the stock for the soup~

The main meal TADDAAAAA~!

And lastly, a picture of the cheesecake with strawberries on top, not very presentable but at least it tastes good =)

The next post will be short: The making of my chest-of-drawers-shelf hybrid