Monday, July 1, 2013

Lemon harvest + more terrariums

We have a lemon tree in the backyard (came with the house when we bought it) and it's been fruiting for a while but have only started to ripen recently. And boy there were a lot of lemons! I started clipping off the ones which looked ready. The harvest gave me 60 lemons! I was able to give a lot of them to family, friends, neighbours and still had a lot left over for myself. The second harvest 2 weeks later gave me another 50 lemons. Decided to try out some baking recipes with them.

 Basket full of lemons *yum*

They don't look too pretty, but they taste great!

Lemon cupcakes!

The cupcakes turned out better than expected. I didn't have time to frost them but they managed to stay moist and fluffy after 2 days. I think I'll make them again. Also tried a hand at baking biscuits. It was my first time making a pastry/dough so I didn't know the kind of consistency I should be getting. I also realised mid way through that a rolling pin might come in handy for rolling out the dough...

Lemon butter biscuits

I ended up using my palms to flatten the dough before cutting and baking them with lemon icing drizzled over them :P Yummy

Among other things, the sunny weekend gave me some time to do some gardening and make another terrarium. I was lucky to come by a huge pot of Zebra Hawarthia succulents at a local nursery for cheap as it was slightly overgrown with weeds. The plants looked like they were suffocating cause the pot was too mall for them! I had to lift them off the pot and separate the plants one by one. There were about 14 healthy plants in that 5" pot! I planted a lot of them in the garden beds but kept a few small ones for other projects.

Filled to the brim!

 Tear drop glass globe for a small terrarium

 Finished product with some mosses, lichen and pebbles


What my dream succulent garden would look like:

 Fantastic landscaping at Melbourne's Royal Botanic Garden

 Mass planting of red jelly beans

More mass planting of a sort of sedum

 Bright red Echeveria

More sketches and works in progress in the next post :)