Thursday, January 28, 2010

58 years ago

On this day a very special person was born! =) Happy birthday Pa! Wish I could be home to celebrate with you all.

*lots of hugs from down under*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Almost settled

Initially my plan was to move into the new place on Monday cause it'll be easier for me to attend wushu trainings. Last Sunday night, I found myself alone with nothing to do and my mind was just nagging me about all the unpacking and cleaning that needed to be done at the new place. With enough time to catch the last bus, I packed the little things I had left at my sister's and rushed out. Staying over the first night was a little weird as I always had trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar place for the first time but no problems with my cosy room now!

The place is looking real sweet at the moment. Me and my housie just got a coffee table this morning so no photos of that yet but here are the photos that I have so far:

Spacious living room with lots of bean bags

Dining and kitchen area

Shower and toilet

Has no locks! Hence the signs =)

The laundry room is really spacious too

My cosy room (only missing a study chair)

Thanks for the bookshelf sis, it's serving me well!

Set of drawers from sis with fresh coats of paint and new handles from Bunnings

A lot of the furniture (like the TV, sofa bed etc) belonged to Jay. He also got the dining table and stuff in the kitchen all sorted out before I moved in so thanks so much for that =) Can't wait to have everything properly settled (like the internet RAWR!!). Also looking forward to living with my new housemates, please take care of me in the future!

On a side note:
Soap's back!!! xD Hurrah! Thankies so much for the gifts from Japan.

I also need to wish our chipmunk leader a happy belated birthday =) Hope you are doing well back in KL!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Opening a new chapter

Since the start of the new year, all I have been waiting for was getting the documents required to apply for the PR visa. The last document arrived in the mail on Monday and I got right to scanning documents, filling out forms etc. It happened to be a freakin' hot day! Here are a series of brief sketches to explain what happened the next morning:

Eventually, I got all the required copies certified, scanned and uploaded on Wednesday. Thank goodness it's all done and over with! Now I'll just have to wait a few months to receive my verdict =P

The next thing I have to settle is... moving into my new house!

The place looks great and since it's unfurnished, I can make it look however I want it to! Muahahahahaha! My housemate said he'll put me in charge of the interior decor for the living room while he handles the kitchen area. *rubs hands with crazy scientist grin on my face* I'm so looking forward to this! =D

Since I haven't been posting lately... here are some sketches I scanned from my sketch book:

Just some random stuff I drew while I was waiting for a friend at Melbourne Central

NCIS Season 4: Abby dressed up as Marylin Monroe on Halloween's

Much to Tony and McGee's surprise!

I may post up some pictures of the new place in the next post. So keep an eye out for it! Until then~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not so Epic

First off, happy 2010!

Been really busy getting things settled recently; moving out, looking for a new place to rent, applying for postgraduate studies and the lot. Also, I didn't want to make a post till I got some sketches done and today is the day. I actually drew the sketches on the new years but haven't had time to scan or edit it until this afternoon.

The Melbournians watching the midnight fireworks


Psst... pardon the simple sketches and the poor editting!