Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's getting warmer

The last month had been very hectic. I've been trying to write up my thesis, building an indoor hutch for the bunnies, and was training hard every Sunday for the wushu competition. I finally have my Sundays back and the seasons have turned for the better: warmer days and longer daylight hours, bliss! Except for the hay fever, I hate the hay fever...

I visited Camberwell market again last weekend because I just love browsng through all the unique stuff the market has to offer. I was on the look out for cheap glass containers for terrrariums and succulents. I have my eye on an old school brass compass but is a bit pricey for me. I'll be trying to save up for that. I came back with a few goodies to show:

 Two very old sheets of newspaper with special dates (for 2 very special people *wink*) on them for $2 each!
Shame they are the wrong year

Found an old map of Melbourne for $2 (the scale was in Miles so it predates decimals?), an old book on machining techniques for $2, and old brass hooks which I will be using for my next project for $5

A piece of coral for $5

I intended to post some photos I took when I went to the beach before the winter winds began to bite but didn't find the time. These ones were taken on a particularly sunny (but cold) morning at Edithvale beach sometime in July.

 Huge jellyfish that was washed up

This next object was something I have only seen in the iloveshelling blog, a moonsnail egg collar! See the tiny marble-like eggs inside? I found at least 2 more washed up on the beach. I guess the sea snails should be ready to hatch right about now. I hope these guys survived, I tossed this one back into the water after taking the photo. They die if they are left out to dry on the beach.

Moon snail egg collar
 A lovely beachside succulent garden

Next post will have more sketches and the reveal of another carpentry project I've been working on for the past few months