Thursday, December 31, 2015

Some fun with GIFs

I took public transport when I was in Seoul, there was a short walk from the subway station to the company with some lovely maple and ginko trees. I got there just before autumn so I thought it would be cool to take a time lapse of the leaves changing colour.

Not too great, but I think I did pretty well considering they were all hand held :)

Farewell to a good year

Things have been hectic (surprise surprise) since I got back from Korea. It's wonderful having the full family reunion here for Christmas. There was so much eating to do! Looking forward to the next family reunion during CNY when we will all be going back home in a month's time.

A huge post about my travelling adventures coming up soon. Here are some bunny sketches in the mean time:

I miss Korea, but it's good to be home :) Bye bye 2015!