Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My favourite character ever! Here he is in his SeeD uniform:

Piano piece 'River Flows in You' progress: 40% ... Deduct 5% because my timing is off!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catch Up

Lots of sketches for this post so I am pretty pleased with myself =)

I have tried several times to draw this JE idol but I have never succeeded in capturing his likeness. It drives me to the point of frustration sometimes and I still have 2 unfinished (I suspect they will stay unfinished) portrait drawings of him stashed somewhere in my room. Who is this J-pop artist? None other than Yamipi of course! A few weeks ago I decided to give it another try by drawing a much simpler sketch this time. Well whaddaya know... I failed again! But here it is anyway:

Yamapi with love~ Referenced from a magazine scan

I've also got a few new items to play with =)

Got a new jacket from my sis - I'm loving it!

The gifts I got for my birthday

Some more sketches I did over the past week:
WIP - Squall in his SeeD uniform

Saw a half moon when I was walking to uni on night and it had this small streak of cloud in the shadow, I thought it looked like a jellyfish so I tried drawing it... Now that I look at the finished sketch, it looks more like the half the moon exploded and is plummeting towards earth. FAIL

Last but not least, a sketch of my office desk... Does it look depressing or maybe a bit haunted? Yes it does, I am a depressed PhD student and I am haunting the desk day and afternoon ... sometimes at night too =)