Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Sketches

I did a few sketches in San Diego but continued to make a few more even after I got back to uni. It's good to break up the work with a relaxing doodle every once in a while. Some sketches done in SD:

I love the pink/orange flamingos! Would love to draw this on a big scale one day

Visited an art gallery in Balboa park which, of course, prohibited photos, so I drew part of a painting I liked. I think this sketch took me about 20-30 minutes. Drawing chubby baby statues is a first for me! Good practice.
Chubby cherubs

Referenced this parrot from some photos on my camera while waiting at LA airport. This sketch took much longer than the cherubs. I put a lot of effort into the feathers. Sort of incomplete at the moment but haven't been bothered to finish it.

Had a few days off uni during Easter break, YES!! Went to the Grampians for 3 days/ 2 nights to do some of the trails and visit some of the waterfalls and harvest some super pretty moss. Gave ink pens a go with this sketch of the Grand Canyon at the Grampians.

The not-so-famous Grand Canyon...

Been really into Games of Thrones lately. And I know Kit Harington is very VERY popular with all the ladies.
Lost crow :(

Last of the sketches, some WIP - Jellyfishies on a black A3 sketchpad. 3-4 hours taken so far.

Some succulent love! I'm trying to build up a collection of succulents. Lots of echeverias, sedums, and some semperviums. Managed to salvage a few pallets on the side of the road and made one of them into a succulent pallet wall planter. It's been an ongoing project for almost 4 months now. A lot of the succulents died after 2-3 consecutive 42 degree days in Feb =( Been collecting more ever since the weather got better. The pallet is almost full now but it needs a few months sitting flat for the succulent roots to take hold before standing it up. If I ask my neighbour nicely maybe I can buy/get a few cuttings? This neighbour has awesome succulents in her front yard <3 br="">


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