Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A farewell present from Autumn and Benedict Cumberbatch

Hail storm.

2 weeks ago.

I thought my succulents were all gonna die.


It had been consistently raining and I could tell the soil in the pallet garden was soaked through. I wasn't sure how good the drainage was with a layer of weedmat. During the weekend 2 weeks ago, I went to check on the succulents and discovered black spots on every fleshy leaf. I thought it was the onset of rot! From research, if black rot had set into the core of the plant, there's almost no saving it. I was pulling off a lot of 'rotten' leaves before I realised it could have been hail damage. I was working in the office earlier in the week when the storm took place. A bit of googling later showed pictures of succulents with hail damage which looked exactly like mine. It was quite a relief. Having said that, my succulents look diseased now :(

 Small white spots all over the leaves of an otherwise healthy plant

 This fella used to look so lively - not anymore!

 This guy got it pretty bad, I'm happy that it survived

 Pulled off a lot of leaves from this one - it's starting to sprout babies now


*more sadfaces*

I thought this Vera Higgins had no hope but it seems to be doing alright

I propped up the pallet against the fence to reduce the horizontal surface area. It should help with drainage as well as reduce the risk of hail damage in future storms.

Over the past month, I was stoked to get a  belt sander from Hann. I've wanted one for a while but have been saving up for other house items. There are so many more wood work projects I can work on in the future!! I'll be collecting more pallets for a lot of garden furniture :D

 I haven't actually tried it out... It's been raining a lot and Hann wouldn't be happy when this thing starts spitting out sawdust in the garage

 Wishful thinking

Ah yes, Benedict Cumberbatch. Huge fan of BBC's Sherlock and am looking forward to season 3 which should be coming out soon! I was really excited to see him play the villian in Star Trek: Into Darkness. The verdict?
 John Harrison: "Because I am better"
Captain Kirk: "At what?"
John Harrison: "Everything"

Yes, Ben, you ARE better at everything!!!

WIP of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. I can see a lot of mistakes but I hope I can fix them.

Keep warm over the winter!

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