Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jellyfish and plants

I'm happy to say I've finished writing my thesis, had it printed and submitted last month! I've been able to spend some time on unfinished artwork and projects and even started new ones!

So here is a shot of my finished jellyfish art. I wasn't too far away from finishing when I stopped but I just didn't have the inspiration to complete it at the time. There are definitely a few more art pieces coming along with the black card paper as the base. I love how glow-in-the-dark-ish the jelly fish look.

 Blub blub blub...

Another project which almost died on me was the hanging succulent frame. It suffered a lot during the heat wave as it dried out very quickly and was not shaded from the sun. Oops.

 Poor survivors

I clipped off cuttings from other plants and filled the frame back up, added more soil, and made sure the water content was suitable for the succulent cuttings. They've perked up since the weather has become more tame.

All filled up and looking more lively

I've also learned a lot more about terrarium making and am beginning to understand why some of mine died so quickly or are not doing well. It starts off with having super clean materials to put into the terrarium! I wash all my pebbles, use fresh potting mix, and most importantly, wash all my mosses. I've only ever rinsed them before planting them and this had caused a lot of problems with weeds, bugs and the like. In terms of maintenance, over-watering caused some issues with mould and gnats but I found a tip online to help with this problem. They twisted the corner of a piece of tissue and placed the tip into the soil, using capillary action to draw water out from the soil. Brilliant!

Here are some of my braver attempts at terrariums, one featuring a Hare's Foot fern, and the other, a variegated plant from IKEA.

 Looks like a tiny ecosystem in there!

Inverted a large candle jar over a dish to make this terrarium
A bit of macrame happening at the top for easy handling

Next post is about a pallet bench I've just finished making!

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