Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Storage in a small space

I have always been happy with the size of our laundry room. But the space for the washing machine was not fully utilised as we got a smaller machine. I've had temporary barriers put up in that space to stop the bunnies from crawling into the wire-bite-worthy sanctuary for more than a year, it was time to make better use of it.

I decided to whip up a skinny caddy to fit the space using pine dars and ply. I was able to use a lot of left over materials in the shed and bought a few extra lengths of timber/hardware to complete it.

Fit juuuuuust right!

Fixed castors allow the caddy to roll out straight, they are also cheaper than swivel ones!

The laundry caddy looked schmick after a few coats of white paint but I wanted a timber top to give the room some warm tones. I wanted it to be economical but not too rough like ply. I almost went back to Bunnings to get a solid pine board to stain and coat, BUT I found something better from the Reject Shop.

Bamboo place mat for a grand total of $4

I did some calculations on the spot and confirmed that the bamboo "tiles" would cover the top area. Lucky! Took it home and disassembled it straight away to play with the different patterns I could lay it on.


I could not believe my luck. The width of the trolley fitted exactly 3 and a half tiles long-side across. That helped me make the decision on the pattern straight away. On with the glue!

 Well that's an interestingly perfect fit?! 

PVA wood glue working its magic

 Laying it down piece by piece

Clamping it down with a spare piece of ply while the glue dries

Before I even finished the trolley I was already chucking my gardening/terrarium stuff on it. I tried tucking Hann's shoes into the bottom shelf but he found it too troublesome to put away after every use. Lazy boy! But he's my awesome lazy boy.

Fully (?) utilised laundry caddy with my shoes in the lower shelf instead...

So simple, it's perfect!

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