Friday, January 15, 2010

Opening a new chapter

Since the start of the new year, all I have been waiting for was getting the documents required to apply for the PR visa. The last document arrived in the mail on Monday and I got right to scanning documents, filling out forms etc. It happened to be a freakin' hot day! Here are a series of brief sketches to explain what happened the next morning:

Eventually, I got all the required copies certified, scanned and uploaded on Wednesday. Thank goodness it's all done and over with! Now I'll just have to wait a few months to receive my verdict =P

The next thing I have to settle is... moving into my new house!

The place looks great and since it's unfurnished, I can make it look however I want it to! Muahahahahaha! My housemate said he'll put me in charge of the interior decor for the living room while he handles the kitchen area. *rubs hands with crazy scientist grin on my face* I'm so looking forward to this! =D

Since I haven't been posting lately... here are some sketches I scanned from my sketch book:

Just some random stuff I drew while I was waiting for a friend at Melbourne Central

NCIS Season 4: Abby dressed up as Marylin Monroe on Halloween's

Much to Tony and McGee's surprise!

I may post up some pictures of the new place in the next post. So keep an eye out for it! Until then~

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