Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Bzz bzzzz....

Well, looks like my plan to update my blog in late September failed >.< I have a few sketches inspired by my trip from Korea but I'm not finished with them and I will not upload them till I'm finished... But it's gonna be a massive blog post (hopefully)! So no sketches for this post but! a small update on what has happened so far: Korea - KL trip was AWEESOOMMEE~!! It was great meeting up with everyone again in Sunway and food in KL and Korea was heavenly=) Angie came to Melbourne then went off to NZ :'( Built a chest of drawers with bookshelf from scratch (photos to come - it looks awesome no matter what you say Hann) Zonghui came to Melbourne! Finally! :D Got a new phone! XD (number will not change) And now for the Things I have to do: Upload more sketches for a proper blog post Upload some heavenly food porn for my Korea - KL blog post Finish writing my literature review for my project Finish writing my assignment/exam for research practices Finish planning for my trip to Japan (!) ... can't believe I'm going to Japan!!

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