Thursday, October 28, 2010


Very very late post on Korea. But I have lots of sketches for it so I'm really happy with this post :P

So we arrived at Incheon airport and found out that they don't use the simcard system and we would need to rent a mobile phone at the counter at the airport. Jiman koko did just that and this was the guy manning the counter that day...

Check out the dude's whacky hairstyle! It was super geeky coconut cut fringe and then all crazy and funky at the back and top! My mum, bro and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw the guy and secretly took photos of him :P

Weather there was very warm contrary to our belief that it was 'autumn'. The seasons were 15 days late this year so we arrived just shy of the start of autumn. No pretty red and yellow leaves, how unfortunate =(

Spending the first few days in Gwangju was nice and relaxing, for me and my bro anyways. My parents were swept off to dress up for studio photo shoots with sis and Jiman koko and his mum. Dad got a nice new jacket just for the wedding! Here he is checking himself out in the mirror of the hotel room with the jacket on :P

Ed had to dress up nicely for the wedding as well but was ill prepared by bringing an old shirt (!) Therefore he had to go shopping no matter how much he dreaded it ... But at least he looks handsome and he seemed pretty pleased with the black shirt mum got him.

Then off to Jeju Island for 4 days. A quick sketch of buildings inspired by the gel pen drawings on the glass windows of some cafes on Jeju and also in some cafes in Seoul. I really like this style and I'm really glad I managed to pull it off!

Remember I mentioned we thought it would be autumn by the time we reached Korea? Well, I seemed to have underestimated the tropical sun of the south island that is Jeju island. On our last day there we hiked up the sunrise peak at midday, and I got badly sunburnt... LOL

Ever wondered why the koreans are so fair? They are dead scared of the sun and getting tan and this is how they protect themselves...

NOT REALLY! Hahaha, but the korean ajumas (aunties or old women) all wear this huge reflector thing that is a cap during the day. This is an ajuma selling dried chili in a street market of Gwangju. Most of the younger girls look like this:

They love their checks! Guys and girls alike wear checkered shirts of all colours... and it was evident in the shopping malls too. Must be quite a trend.

Speaking of shopping, the night before my sis's wedding I had to buy a bottle of foundation that could hide the burns on my shoulders cause the T-shirt tan was pretty darn ugly. Good thing I was the photographer... meaning there weren't as many pictures with me in it =)

Mum looked gorgeous in a traditional korean hambok, eventhough she didn't get the colour she wanted (pink). You always look better in blue mum. Everyone said she looks scarily like Jiman koko's mum... they looked like twins!

And finally the couple themselves! Jiman koko was wearing a tuxedo (penguin suit ftw!!) with lots of bling (very korean style apparently) and sis had a really nice korean hairstyle with a super long veil which she kept complaining about because it was so hot! Congrats again!

Preview of the next post...

YEAP!!! FOOD PICTURES!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! Do not read the next post in the middle of the night, you are sure to feel like snacking

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