Saturday, April 28, 2012


One of the hobbies that I've picked up (among many) since moving to Melbourne is gardening. And I've gone in pretty full force too! Renting a house means turning the backyard upside down, full on renovation style is a no go so I've opted for planting in pots; and spring bulbs thrive well in pots.

Last year I started out with a bag of giant freesia bulbs. They were planted a little too late so the flowers only bloomed for a short time and in small numbers. After more research I've decided to try planting more freesias; wild, giants and refracta albas, hyacinths (they smell nice!), jonquils, irises, tulips, crocuses and a few wild bulbs I found in parks. They've been planted since early fall so most of them have started rooting and some of the green shoots are starting to poke out. *exciting*

Giant freesias - white and yellows

Jonquil bulbs in pebbles and water

 The roots are growing well!

Green shoot sprouting out of one of the jonquil bulbs

Onion weed - small white bell shaped flowers, wild

 I also have an airplant collection
 Attempting a few mini terrariums of mosses as well - coriander seed got caught in one of them

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