Friday, June 8, 2012

An almost family reunion

It is most definitely winter now. Biting cold wind, dreary sky, light sheets of rain, fat rain, intermitent rain, not to mention the occassional hail storms ... ah Melbourne, your winter is much dreaded.

It's a shame my dad had to come down under in this kind of weather but if he hadn't he would have regretted it. Excitement was been building up over the welcoming of a new member of the family: my niece. Me, my older sis, jiman koko and mum have been gushing over her cuteness so much that it tempted my dad to book a last minute flight to come to Melbourne for a week. That was 2 weeks ago. It was worth it :D Younger sis came to visit from Perth too and what a lazy relaxing week that was for me. That was also the week that Diablo III was finally released to the dismay of many girlfriends, fiances and wives.

Oh, little brother had to study for exams so he was stuck in Malaysia. Family reunion? Almost, thanks webcam!

 How I imagined my bro really felt
 The whole family bunking at my sis's apartment living room. Jan and I on our own lappies.

Some sketches to finish off!

Random sketch of garden stuff
An overly colourful but supposedly white cockatoo

P.S. Happy birthday Janis!

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